How Aluminium Fabricators Can Save Money and Access the Best Quality Products

Threshold Gasket

When it comes to buying in gaskets, purchasing them from your systems company can be an expensive way to do business. Why, we hear you ask? Well, because systems companies do not manufacture gaskets themselves, they’re not privy to the exclusive discounts on materials that a specialist plastic extrusion company is.

What’s more, their supplier will have undoubtedly put a mark-up on the materials, which will then be marked up again before being passed on to you. It sounds like an expensive carry on, doesn’t it? It is, and can cost you a whopping 40 per cent more compared to if you buy from a company like us here at Extrudaseal.

With the aluminium sector forecast to grow like never before, thinking smart and buying wisely can help you generate fantastic profits. But if you’re not careful, they can inadvertently spend thousands of pounds that could have lined your pockets.

Still need convincing?

We manufacture phenomenal volumes of extrusions in-house, involve no middlemen and don’t stick a mark-up on our products. Furthermore, in contrast to most systems companies, we manufacture and supply gaskets in more than 1,000 RAL colours, including metallic.

Whether you’re in the glazing industry and need replacement seals and gaskets, or are looking for a range compatible with market leading profile systems like Aluk, MetalTech and Smarts, we have over 600 designs of seal in our range which are suitable for aluminium, timber and uPVC glazing frames and bi-fold doors.

To see how we can help save you money and supply you with the best quality products, please contact us today.

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