How ExtrudaSeal Keep Things as Green as Possible

Across the engineering sector there is an increasing call for products to be more environmentally friendly in the way they are produced and how they perform. With modern consumers driving this move towards sustainable choices, we explain how ExtrudaSeal is pushing toward a greener future.


Innovative design

At ExtrudaSeal we have the expertise required to perform the design process for all of our products in-house. This allows us to create and manufacture bespoke items that meet the environmental requirements of our customers, cutting down significantly the level of waste generated through the production process.


Efficient manufacture

Extrusion allows manufacturers to mass produce rubber products in pre-designed shapes, ranging from simple moulds to more complex profiles such as those used for windows and vehicles. Mass production helps to avoid the waste associated with small scale manufacturing, preventing the loss of excess materials by cutting to exact length.


Reusable materials

Every gasket we produce at ExtrudaSeal is fully recyclable and can be broken down and remoulded at the end of its original purpose. Recycled rubber can be re-used and refurbished to make a range of products such as shoes, inner tubes, buckets, flowerpots and even clothing. When broken down into shavings, rubber is also commonly used as surfacing in gardens and playgrounds.

Creating recycled rubber also requires far less energy than producing new rubber and reduces the requirement for new rubber to be produced.


Get in touch

ExtrudaSeal can manufacture to your exact requirements and assist in product development, product design, material specification, design and production of tooling, and are able to produce both small and large batch production runs inhouse.

To find out about the environmentally friendly approach ExtrudaSeal take to cutting thousands from your fabrication or installation costs, please call our friendly team on 0121 356 8733 or email us at

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