Resurgent Demand from the Aluminium Sector Results in Record Tool Investment

In 2018, we invested in more than 40 new tools, in addition to the thousands of existing tools that are in place for our extensive back catalogue of window and door gaskets. This is a record for ExtrudaSeal, representing a six-figure investment.

Throughout last year the demand for bespoke and enhanced window and door gaskets was vast, with a particular resurgence in the second half of the year. In addition to demand for off the shelf products, orders for bespoke extrusions also saw a considerable increase.

Sales Director Paul James said: “The demand in the last few months of 2018 has really been exceptional. What’s very positive is that it’s come in from fabricators and installers who are manufacturing and fitting a very wide range of aluminium systems.

We supply off the shelf products for all major aluminium systems. We’re also committed to working in partnership with fabricators and installers to design bespoke solutions, where existing designs don’t quite deliver what they want.”

With consumers moving away from timber and uPVC profile systems for windows and doors, there has been a surge in the growth of the aluminium sector. In the last year, ExtrudaSeal manufactured over 20,000km of aluminium door gaskets, encompassing gaskets for many of the most popular aluminium profile systems, including Senior, Smart, Ikon, ALUK and Metaltech.

In the last 12 months or so, we experienced many standard gasket designs not quite delivering what consumers needed. With gaskets underperforming, the number of call-backs for installers increased, costing a lot of time and money. As a result, we have worked in partnership with fabricators and installers to enhance gasket designs or develop completely bespoke solutions to meet consumer needs. Many of the new tools we invested in in 2018 were a direct response to this need.

Threshold Gasket

To address common failures of gaskets for aluminium bi-folding door systems, we developed the ‘fit-and-forget’ threshold gasket. This gasket design uses a unique semi-rigid box foot, providing a secure fix and delivering much improved compression and weather sealing over the standard gaskets provided by aluminium system companies.

By purchasing gaskets directly from us, as well as saving money by reducing gasket failure and cutting our call backs, our clients can also stand to save 30-40% on gasket costs compared with gaskets bought as part of a package deal from their systems supplier.

Paul James commented: “If the gasket is underperforming, you’re going to get call backs. That costs time and money. As extruding gaskets and seals is all we do, we invest more time than systems companies would in developing product that does exactly what it’s meant to. If you buy from us direct, you’re also cutting out the middle man.

With a catalogue of drawings and dyes, we will almost certainly have a solution for whatever system you’re manufacturing or installing – and if we don’t, we’ll put one down!”

To discuss your gasket requirements and learn how ExtrudaSeal could cut thousands of pounds from your fabrication or installation costs, visit or call us on +44 (0)121 356 8733.

Serving the Aluminium Industry

The aluminium industry continues to grow in strength as Aluminium window and door systems are chosen ahead of uPVC and Timber solutions. Aluminium has long been the most popular choice in the commercial market, however, the industry is fast growing in the domestic sector. As a specialist trade extruder, at ExtrudaSeal, we off an extensive array of extruded gaskets and seals to suit most Aluminium window and door systems found on the market today.

In addition to producing completely bespoke seals for customers, we are also able to provide a wide range of off-the-shelf solutions, including gaskets for all market leading Aluminium profile systems, including Aluk, Senior Aluminium, Ikon Aluminium, MetalTech and Smarts Aluminium.

One particular area of the Aluminium industry that is seeing growth is the manufacture and installation of Aluminium Bi-folding doors. In addition to manufacturing compatible seals for use with many of the most commonly found Aluminium systems companies, we also design and produce completely bespoke bi-folding door gaskets to customer requirements.


At our premises in Birmingham, we have the capacity to manufacture all extruded components in house. As a result, we can offer savings as much as 20% when buying directly from us as opposed to buying gaskets as part of a package deal from a systems company. Keeping everything in house also means that we can provide an extremely diverse colour choice (more than 1,000 RAL colours) and provide innovative and bespoke solutions.

In order to prevent the common problem of threshold gasket systems for bi-folding doors becoming misaligned over the time, we designed a unique new alternative system – the ‘fit-and-forget’ aluminium bi-fold threshold gasket.

By providing a semi-rigid box foot to the gasket, the new gasket achieves much enhanced sealing capabilities and fits much better, preventing misalignment as a result of friction.

At ExtrudaSeal, we will always work to be innovative where we can, helping to improve efficiency for our customers and helping them to save money in the long term by preventing the need for call-outs to installers when gaskets fail.

Gasket with tape production

Our inhouse production capabilities allow us to provide gaskets and seals with an adhesive backing. As gaskets are extruded, once they are cooled down, we can then link the extruded product to be backed with an adhesive tape along one external side, before the finished product is packaged or rolled, ready to be shipped to a customer.

Here you can see the entire process of manufacturing adhesive-backed gasket tape:

To learn more about how ExtrudaSeal can assist the Aluminium window and door sector, simply call +44 (0)121 356 8733, or leave a message here.

ExtrudaSeal and REACH Compliant Materials

At ExtrudaSeal we are always thinking long-term, aiming to anticipate market trends, stay ahead of our competitors and take steps to avoid the use of materials that could potentially have negative effects on human health and the environment.

Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is the European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use. The aim of this regulation is to place more responsibility on industries to manage the risks associated with using certain chemicals and to provide safety information on the substances.

Under REACH, substances of very high concern (SVHC) for use within the European Union are to be subject to authorisation for use. In fact, the listing of a substance as an SVHC by the European Chemicals Agency is the first step in the procedures for the restricted use of this chemical.

The criteria given for SVHCs is as follows:

  • Carcinogenic
  • Muragenic
  • Toxic for reproduction
  • Persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic
  • Scientific evidence of probably serious effects to human health or the environment which give rise to an equivalent level of concern

REACH compliant materials are tested and confirmed not to contain any SVHCs in their formulation.

How we are ensuring that our materials are REACH compliant

Whilst REACH entered into force on the 1st June 2007, REACH provisions are slowly being phased in over a period of 11 years in total. At ExtrudaSeal, we have taken steps to change our manufacturing processes and work with our suppliers to ensure that we use REACH compliant materials. Our manufacturing and extrusion processes are now much more tightly controlled in order to prevent the use of substances of very high concern (SVHC). We can therefore provide complete peace of mind for our customers that there are no health risks associated with our products.

Our range of REACH compliant products include glazing seals and gaskets for aluminium, timber and uPVC fabrications, PVC pelmets and buffers for the automotive industry and bespoke, specialist seals for an array of industrial applications.

If you have further questions about REACH compliant materials, you can contact us by calling +44 (0)121 356 8733.

ExtrudaSeal to Showcase its Product Offer for the First Time at The Build Show 2018


Extrudaseal will join the UK’s leading fenestration businesses at the Doors, Windows & Glass Show, part of this October’s The Build Show.

Held at the NEC from the 9th to 11th of October, The Build Show is held to coincide with UK Construction Week, profiling the latest innovations in construction and building.

Extrudaseal joins other leading window and door companies on the PiGS Product Pavilion, which forms a new addition to the Doors, Windows & Glass Show, at this year’s expo.

Chris Byers, Managing Director, Extrudaseal said: “For us, it’s really important to fly the flag for component product manufacturers and highlight the significant advantages that small changes in product specification can deliver.

“In our area of the market – window and door gasket supply – this includes significantly improved through-life performance and cost reductions of anywhere between 30 and 40%.”

Manufacturing gaskets for a wealth of systems, including amongst others Smart, ALUK, Metaltech, Senior and Ikon, amongst others, Extrudaseal manufactured more than 20,000km of aluminum door gaskets in the last year.

It’s product offer is also available in more than 1000 RAL colours. This allows fabricators and installers to offer a colour-matched gasket and a perfect match to the increasingly diverse colour options being offered by window companies.

“If you’re taking window and door design to its logical conclusion,  colour-matching gaskets of windows and doors is key. Colour is the single biggest influence in current window and door design.

“Carrying that through to the gasket so that it melts away into the frame has a disproportionate and transformative influence on window and door aesthetics.”


The Doors, Windows and Glass Show at The Build Show is part of UK Construction Week at the NEC. It is being held between Tuesday 9 October and Thursday 11 October 2018. Visitors can find the PiGS Pavilion on Stand B515 near the entrance to Hall 10, in the Doors, Windows and Glass Show.

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Why Purchase Replacement Window Seals from Extrudaseal?

ExtrudaSeal are one of the UK’s largest uPVC window gasket suppliers, providing a wide range of glazing fabrications for sectors including the rail, automotive and construction industries.

replacement window seals

As part of our range ExtrudaSeal offer we manufacture a vast selection of replacement seals, perfect for window installations that have suffered from wear and tear, accidental damage or are being refurbished.

Here we list some of the reasons why replacement seals are so useful and why customers choose ExtrudaSeal as their preferred supplier.

  1. Cost effective

Window seal replacement products are highly popular as they significantly extend the useful life of an installation, meaning it can be repaired rather than replaced completely. Replacement window seals are used not only to fix and strengthen window fittings, but to help avoid the expense of having new equipment installed when more cost-effective refurbishment work can be done.

  1. Quality and safety

As with all the products supplied by ExtrudaSeal, our replacement window seals are manufactured to the highest quality, ensuring we meet the needs of our customers and the industries in which they operate. All of our replacement items meet the stringent rules for quality and safety as original fittings, ensuring installations continue to meet the same regulatory standards following repair.

  1. Bespoke manufacturing

ExtrudaSeal can replicate and manufacture fittings to suit your exact requirements, producing bespoke replacement window seals for any installation. As part of our tailored service we can provide replacement fittings to suit your requirements, whether your business needs 100 or 10,000!

  1. Speed

Because ExtrudaSeal understand the pressures faced by customers in a range of sectors, we offer window seal replacement items with a speedy lead time. This ensures that new fittings are ready and available as soon as possible, reducing disruption to your business operations.

Find out more

ExtrudaSeal is a leading supplier of replacement seals and gaskets for the glazing industry. We have more than 600 designs of seal in our range, suitable for aluminium, timber and uPVC glazing frames and bi-folding doors.

If you would like to find out more about our range of products and services, please contact our friendly team today on 0121 3565210.

Recent Aluminium Sector Product Developments from ExtrudaSeal

As demand in the aluminium fabrication industry continues to rise, this has provided ExtrudaSeal with the opportunity to develop a wide range of new products, staying up to date with technological developments and addressing fabricator demands. As specialists in the design, development, manufacture and supply of thermoplastic extrusions, in recent times, we have proudly developed a number of new aluminium glazing seal and gasket products with improved performance.

‘Fit-And-Forget’ Aluminium Bi-Folding Door Threshold Gaskets

Threshold Gasket

In response to installer and fabricator demand, our in-house design team crafted this threshold gasket for use with a wide range of leading aluminium systems, including ALUK.

The fit and forget provides a fully secure fix, improved compression and weather sealing thanks to a unique semi-rigid box foot. The semi-rigid PVC foot is a great advancement over traditional systems as an alternative in fabrication, that can be retrofitted to prevent call backs.

Aeroseal Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Foam Gasket


With the help of a rigid foot, the Aeroseal aluminium bi-fold door foam gasket cannot be over-stretched or shrunk. The intelligent foam technology comes with improved acoustic installation, impressive weather sealing ability and more memory.

The consistent colour throughout stops damage from showing, without needing a protective skin like competitor products.

Sealfast U-Channel Gasket

SealFast is designed to seal steel windows, doors and other applications without gasket grooves. It also includes a robust adhesive strip, allowing it to be used directly on a glazing bead.

The U-Channel gasket improves the performance by providing a higher resistance to air permeability, wind load and any drafts preventing them from going beneath the glazed IGU.


To keep updated on our latest product developments revisit our blog and for more information on our products and services browse our website.

How ExtrudaSeal Keep Things as Green as Possible

Across the engineering sector there is an increasing call for products to be more environmentally friendly in the way they are produced and how they perform. With modern consumers driving this move towards sustainable choices, we explain how ExtrudaSeal is pushing toward a greener future.


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ExtrudaSeal and The Folding Sliding Door Company

The Folding Sliding Door Company was founded by owner Paul Shearman, whose apprenticeship as a joiner and engineer in the German door industry was important in defining the future philosophy of his business.

The company developed its first doors in timber before manufacturing the UK’s first PVC-U in-line bi-folding door in 2003 with an innovative design with no face-fixed hardware and a concealed running gear.

“It sounds so mainstream now but we were the first bi-fold manufacturer to develop a PVC-U system with concealed running gear”, says their Managing Director, Kehinde Jolaoso.

Soon after, the company designed, developed and branded a Fold ‘N’ Slide Hardware offering, a dedicated universal hardware system that was compatible with all materials. The Part Q accredited system features easily adjustable rollers, security hardware and flush threshold options.

Hugely versatile, Fold ‘N’ Slide hardware is suitable for use across all leading PVC-U and aluminium systems plus timber and timber/aluminium and aluminium/PVC-U composites.



A focus on detail has driven ExtrudaSeal’s partnership with The Folding Sliding Door Company. As a specialist manufacturer, we have extruded more than 20,000 km of gaskets in the last year, tapping into economies of scale to offer customers average savings of 30-40% on gasket costs compared to buying-in from systems companies.

“Price is an important part of it but we don’t buy from ExtrudaSeal just because of price – it’s about service, support and relationships”, says Kehinde.

We use ExtrudaSeal push-in and wedge gaskets across our systems. They’re also universal. Plus weatherseals on panels.

“Where we have really seen value is in their R&D process. They have their own teams in-house, who we’ve worked with to develop and refine solutions and they have always been very responsive.”



The Extrudaseal gasket range is available in more than 1000 RAL colours including RAL 9007 metallic silver gasket, which has been designed to provide a match to contemporary silver powder coated installations for The Folding Sliding Door Company.

“What you get with ExtrudaSeal is that same focus that we have brought to bi-fold door manufacture, and in our experience that leads to products which are more technologically advanced.”


To find out about how ExtrudaSeal could cut thousands from your fabrication or installation costs, please call our friendly team on 0121 356 8733 or email us at

3 Important Benefits of Using Co-Extruded Seals for Windows and Doors

It goes without saying that door and window seals need to be strong and durable, but also flexible. They need to be able withstand moisture and severe weather, helping to seal off the interior, however, they must also be flexible enough to be easily installed and designed to last for a long time. Flexible compounds such as TPE, PVC, PVC nitriles and TPU make ideal extrusion materials due to their flexibility and weather resistance qualities, however, by combining more than one material, an even stronger seal can be created. This is called co-extrusion.

Co-extrusion follows the same principles as single material extrusion process, however, a combination of thermoplastic materials are melted together before being driven through die to form a continuous profile with the combined strengths of each material. Here we discuss three of the most important benefits of using co-extruded seals for windows and doors.

Excellent Weather Sealing Performance

As stated, by co-extruding window seals, the best properties of each material combine to provide an improved weather sealing solution. By dialling in certain amounts of each material, you can design a seal to best suit the conditions that it will face – co-extruded plastic seals can have fantastic weatherability and flexibility, as well as providing good protection for the window panes. Minimal shrinkage is also an important property – co-extruded seals can be designed so that there is no shrinkage when in contact with hot or cold temperatures.

Co-extrusion is very cost effective

Compared with other manufacturing processes, extrusion and co-extrusion are much more cost effective. Whilst the correct dies must be manufactured, the production of extruded and co-extruded parts takes less time than other processes and requires only a minimum level of labour – as a result, costs are kept down.

Co-extrusion provides great quality performance and production efficiency

The co-extrusion production process is simple and with the right tooling, it is easy to produce window seals that exceed quality expectations. Co-extrusion is money well spent; quality window seals will not only provide excellent performance, but will last for a number of years when co-extrusion materials are carefully considered.

As specialists in flexible extrusions, our team and plant are second to none when it comes to producing and advising on co-extruded window and door seals. If you are in need of more information, please call +44 (0)121 356 9733 or email

How Aluminium Fabricators Can Save Money and Access the Best Quality Products

Threshold Gasket

When it comes to buying in gaskets, purchasing them from your systems company can be an expensive way to do business. Why, we hear you ask? Well, because systems companies do not manufacture gaskets themselves, they’re not privy to the exclusive discounts on materials that a specialist plastic extrusion company is.

What’s more, their supplier will have undoubtedly put a mark-up on the materials, which will then be marked up again before being passed on to you. It sounds like an expensive carry on, doesn’t it? It is, and can cost you a whopping 40 per cent more compared to if you buy from a company like us here at Extrudaseal.

With the aluminium sector forecast to grow like never before, thinking smart and buying wisely can help you generate fantastic profits. But if you’re not careful, they can inadvertently spend thousands of pounds that could have lined your pockets.

Still need convincing?

We manufacture phenomenal volumes of extrusions in-house, involve no middlemen and don’t stick a mark-up on our products. Furthermore, in contrast to most systems companies, we manufacture and supply gaskets in more than 1,000 RAL colours, including metallic.

Whether you’re in the glazing industry and need replacement seals and gaskets, or are looking for a range compatible with market leading profile systems like Aluk, MetalTech and Smarts, we have over 600 designs of seal in our range which are suitable for aluminium, timber and uPVC glazing frames and bi-fold doors.

To see how we can help save you money and supply you with the best quality products, please contact us today.