Hydrophilic Water Seals

As opposed to the usual water-resistant properties of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), the Extrudaseal range of hydrophilic water seals are designed to swell up to ten times their normal volume when submerged in water. When in contact with water and other aqueous solutions of PH7 to 12, Hydrophilic thermoplastic seals expand, forming a seal to prevent the entry or exit of water or other liquids.

The Science

We can provide hydrophilic water seals with a wide range of formulations, offering swell rates of between 300% and 1000% when in contact with water. Once no longer immersed in water, hydrophilic materials shrink back to their original size – this process of expansion and contraction can be repeated on an unlimited number of occasions, whereas many materials will not contract once expanded.

The compounds of hydrophilic thermoplastic elastomers have a solid structural integrity which is designed to last, whereas many equivalent clay based products require replacing over time, as they shatter and wear away. Hydrophilic materials are also 100% recyclable, allowing for them to be processed using a range of conventional fabricating methods, including extrusion.


Common Applications for Hydrophilic Water Seals

At Extrudaseal, we produce hydrophilic water seals and extrusions in a wide range of different shapes and sizes to suit various applications. Here are just a few of the potential applications that we can provide hydrophilic seals for:

  • Automotive sealant parts
  • Glazing
  • Headlights
  • Cable protection
  • Dams and water retention
  • Construction
  • Drains, sewers and water treatment plants

For water stop applications – where hydrophilic extrusion profiles may need to be coiled or fitted around complex structures, we can produce extrusions in a softer grade.

General Properties of Hydrophilic Water Seals

Hydrophilic water seals are designed to provide excellent weather resistance, combined with moderate chemical resistance properties. However, this resistance excludes organic solvents, as well as aromatic and vegetable oils. Hydrophilic thermoplastic elastomers are well suited to the extrusion fabrication process.

If you have any queries about hydrophilic water seals to suit your application, please feel free to contact Extrudaseal by calling +44 (0)121 356 8733 or by emailing info@extrudaseal.co.uk.