Resurgent Demand from the Aluminium Sector Results in Record Tool Investment

In 2018, we invested in more than 40 new tools, in addition to the thousands of existing tools that are in place for our extensive back catalogue of window and door gaskets. This is a record for ExtrudaSeal, representing a six-figure investment.

Throughout last year the demand for bespoke and enhanced window and door gaskets was vast, with a particular resurgence in the second half of the year. In addition to demand for off the shelf products, orders for bespoke extrusions also saw a considerable increase.

Sales Director Paul James said: “The demand in the last few months of 2018 has really been exceptional. What’s very positive is that it’s come in from fabricators and installers who are manufacturing and fitting a very wide range of aluminium systems.

We supply off the shelf products for all major aluminium systems. We’re also committed to working in partnership with fabricators and installers to design bespoke solutions, where existing designs don’t quite deliver what they want.”

With consumers moving away from timber and uPVC profile systems for windows and doors, there has been a surge in the growth of the aluminium sector. In the last year, ExtrudaSeal manufactured over 20,000km of aluminium door gaskets, encompassing gaskets for many of the most popular aluminium profile systems, including Senior, Smart, Ikon, ALUK and Metaltech.

In the last 12 months or so, we experienced many standard gasket designs not quite delivering what consumers needed. With gaskets underperforming, the number of call-backs for installers increased, costing a lot of time and money. As a result, we have worked in partnership with fabricators and installers to enhance gasket designs or develop completely bespoke solutions to meet consumer needs. Many of the new tools we invested in in 2018 were a direct response to this need.

Threshold Gasket

To address common failures of gaskets for aluminium bi-folding door systems, we developed the ‘fit-and-forget’ threshold gasket. This gasket design uses a unique semi-rigid box foot, providing a secure fix and delivering much improved compression and weather sealing over the standard gaskets provided by aluminium system companies.

By purchasing gaskets directly from us, as well as saving money by reducing gasket failure and cutting our call backs, our clients can also stand to save 30-40% on gasket costs compared with gaskets bought as part of a package deal from their systems supplier.

Paul James commented: “If the gasket is underperforming, you’re going to get call backs. That costs time and money. As extruding gaskets and seals is all we do, we invest more time than systems companies would in developing product that does exactly what it’s meant to. If you buy from us direct, you’re also cutting out the middle man.

With a catalogue of drawings and dyes, we will almost certainly have a solution for whatever system you’re manufacturing or installing – and if we don’t, we’ll put one down!”

To discuss your gasket requirements and learn how ExtrudaSeal could cut thousands of pounds from your fabrication or installation costs, visit or call us on +44 (0)121 356 8733.

Serving the Aluminium Industry

The aluminium industry continues to grow in strength as Aluminium window and door systems are chosen ahead of uPVC and Timber solutions. Aluminium has long been the most popular choice in the commercial market, however, the industry is fast growing in the domestic sector. As a specialist trade extruder, at ExtrudaSeal, we off an extensive array of extruded gaskets and seals to suit most Aluminium window and door systems found on the market today.

In addition to producing completely bespoke seals for customers, we are also able to provide a wide range of off-the-shelf solutions, including gaskets for all market leading Aluminium profile systems, including Aluk, Senior Aluminium, Ikon Aluminium, MetalTech and Smarts Aluminium.

One particular area of the Aluminium industry that is seeing growth is the manufacture and installation of Aluminium Bi-folding doors. In addition to manufacturing compatible seals for use with many of the most commonly found Aluminium systems companies, we also design and produce completely bespoke bi-folding door gaskets to customer requirements.


At our premises in Birmingham, we have the capacity to manufacture all extruded components in house. As a result, we can offer savings as much as 20% when buying directly from us as opposed to buying gaskets as part of a package deal from a systems company. Keeping everything in house also means that we can provide an extremely diverse colour choice (more than 1,000 RAL colours) and provide innovative and bespoke solutions.

In order to prevent the common problem of threshold gasket systems for bi-folding doors becoming misaligned over the time, we designed a unique new alternative system – the ‘fit-and-forget’ aluminium bi-fold threshold gasket.

By providing a semi-rigid box foot to the gasket, the new gasket achieves much enhanced sealing capabilities and fits much better, preventing misalignment as a result of friction.

At ExtrudaSeal, we will always work to be innovative where we can, helping to improve efficiency for our customers and helping them to save money in the long term by preventing the need for call-outs to installers when gaskets fail.

Gasket with tape production

Our inhouse production capabilities allow us to provide gaskets and seals with an adhesive backing. As gaskets are extruded, once they are cooled down, we can then link the extruded product to be backed with an adhesive tape along one external side, before the finished product is packaged or rolled, ready to be shipped to a customer.

Here you can see the entire process of manufacturing adhesive-backed gasket tape:

To learn more about how ExtrudaSeal can assist the Aluminium window and door sector, simply call +44 (0)121 356 8733, or leave a message here.

Keeping Prices Low for our Customers

In an unstable and unpredictable economy, finding new ways of offsetting the extra cost of materials can be a challenge that manufacturers across the country are having to face.

Rising costs of imported raw materials combined with currency weakness means that the industry is having to manage cost pressures that have not always been so tough. Unfortunately, these costs are inevitably passed down from fabricators to installers, and in theory, from installers to consumers.

At ExtrudaSeal, we are always looking for ways to absorb any extra costs in order to avoid price increases for our customers. We do this by constantly evolving to ensure that we are running efficiently and cost effectively.

We are finding that our aluminium seals are becoming more and more popular, thanks to the emergence of aluminium bi-fold doors and windows. Though this might pose a challenge to some manufacturers due to the increased expenses, we see it as a huge field of opportunity and so are willing to absorb extra costs where possible.

To put it into perspective, Figures released by Palmer Market Research show that aluminium is set to reach a 17 year high of topping 220,000 frames within the next three years – exciting stuff if you’re in the business.

During the last year, we have extracted over 20,000km of gaskets in a variety of forms – and even launched a new gasket in a high gloss Piano Black finish.

Chris Byers, our Managing Director, said:

“Whilst we have recently had to increase prices slightly, for 5 years previous, we managed to hold prices despite the increases that we have seen in our own material costs. We achieved this by investing in new efficiencies and processes and we will continue to do our very best to absorb without passing it onto our customers in the future.

“Our customers can save money by buying in from us as a third party. Over the course of a year and with sufficient volume, the savings can fundamentally increase a fabricator’s bottom line.”

If you would like to find out how ExtrudaSeal could help your business shave off its costs, please call 0121 356 8733, or visit us at stand M55 at the FIT Show from 23-25th May.

Exhibiting our Range at the FIT Show 2017

We are really looking forward to exhibiting once again at the FIT Show, which takes place on the 23-25th of May 2017 at the NEC, Birmingham. This is a highly popular UK event that provides companies like ExtrudaSeal- who produce and distribute products, components and services for the manufacture of windows, doors and conservatories, the chance to meet with the people and companies that sell, fabricate and install them.

The annual show is a great opportunity for us to showcase our range of gaskets and ancillary products. As an industry-leading manufacturer, it makes sense for us to ensure that we promote the benefits of fabricators buying gaskets directly, rather than as part of a package deal with their profile systems. The show gives us valuable opportunities to do that by providing one to one time with fabricators from all over the UK under a single roof.

FIT Show Gaskets


As our Managing Director Chris Byers says “The FIT Show is an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate to fabricators just how much they could stand to save by cutting out the middle man and buying weather sealing components directly from ExtrudaSeal. By dealing with us directly, we estimate that fabricators can save as much as 50%”.

As a constantly improving company, every year we have something new to offer the market. This year is no exception and we are excited to showcase some of our latest innovations, which include our unique ‘fit-and-forget’ aluminium bi-fold door threshold gaskets, complete with semi-rigid PVC foot system for improved fit and weather sealing.

We are eagerly looking forward to the FIT Show in May and hope to share our passion and enthusiasm for gaskets with the very people who rely on them for producing high standard products.

If you would like more information about ExtrudaSeal and our range of gaskets and flexible sealing solutions visit or contact our team on 0121 356 8733.

‘Fit-and-Forget’ Threshold Gaskets – Upping Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Performance

Although forecasts for the window and door industry have been bleak as a whole following on from Brexit, the opposite has been the case for the aluminium sector, which is forecast to see growth over the next few years. Aluminium bi-fold doors have certainly increased in popularity over recent years and sales are expected to see a growth of 36% between 2016 and 2019. As a result, aluminium bi-fold doors are a market in which ExtrudaSeal have invested considerably.

Whilst aluminium bi-fold doors are growing in popularity, there is a known problem that threshold gaskets for b-folding doors can ‘kick out’, creating small misalignments or friction that can lead to doors leafs catching as they open. Over time, this misalignment can get worse and as a result, installers receive call-backs to fix the problem, costing people a lot of money over time for repairs and replacement gaskets.

To solve this common issue, prevent call backs and save people money, ExtrudaSeal have recently launched a new ‘fit-and-forget’ aluminium bi-folding door threshold gasket. Suitable for use with a number of leading aluminium systems, including ALUK, this new gasket was developed in house to provide a secure fix, improved compression and weather sealing.

Steve Cockayne, Technical Manager explained “We have designed an alternative threshold gasket system, using a semi-rigid PVC foot, which provides a greatly improved fix over traditional systems as an alternative in fabrication but which can also be retrofitted, eliminating call backs.”

In many cases, threshold gaskets from systems companies will fail in any time from just a few months of use, to years down the line. This leads to time-consuming call-outs for installers and extra costs for customers that could have been avoided. By investing in ‘fit-and-forget’ aluminium bi-folding door threshold gaskets, aluminium fabricators ensure that when choosing bi-fold doors, consumers are much less likely to experience gasket failure.

A further benefit of buying ‘fit-and-forget’ threshold gaskets directly from ExtrudaSeal is that fabricators can stand to save an average of 30-40%, compared to buying from their systems company.

For more information on the benefits of ‘fit-and-forget’ threshold gaskets for aluminium bi-folding doors and to learn how ExtrudaSeal can cut thousands from your fabrication costs, call 0121 356 8733.

Attention to Detail – Why Colour Matters When Choosing Glazing Seals

Only a few years ago, the choice of colours available for gaskets and glazing seals for the aluminium windows and doors industry was extremely limited. Most consumers were happy with grey gaskets as this was the standard, particularly with white window and door fabrications. However, in 2016 the demand for coloured gaskets has grown dramatically.

coloured glazing sealsOne of the key reasons that grey gaskets were and probably still are the most popular glazing seal colour choice is that for a long time, simple white fabrications have been viewed as the standard choice for aluminium windows and doors. However, there are now many more choices available for window and door fabrications in terms of colour and finish. As well as white, consumers can now choose from a variety of bold colours as well as a range of woodgrain finishes.

The result of the increase in choices available for aluminium profiles is that the consumer is now much savvier than before; they know exactly what they are looking for, so a sale can be lost due to the smallest of details. Whilst grey glazing seals may fit aesthetically with standard white frames, when making a bolder colour choice, consumers want a matching gasket for a complete finish. Whilst the structural functionality of windows and doors play a big part in choosing aluminium, the small detail of a coloured gasket can provide the final impetus for a purchasing decision.

As modern customers are more style conscious than ever before, they are far less likely to compromise. This means that aluminium fabricators simply can’t afford to ignore the importance of coloured gaskets and seals.

The growth of the Aluminium industry

The Aluminium industry continues to grow. Whilst aluminium window and door profiles have been very popular in the commercial and industrial sector for a while, demand in the residential sector has increased considerably in recent times. As residential customers are much more likely to choose a wider variety of colours and finishes when buying new aluminium windows or doors, the result is that the demand for coloured gaskets is increasing considerably.

At ExtrudaSeal, as a UK leader in the flexible extrusions market, we are committed to making sure every little detail is just right. As well as providing coloured glazing seals and gaskets for the aluminium sector in more than 1,000 different RAL colour choices, we also provide a colour matching service.

As well as an amazing choice of coloured gaskets, there are also a number of other benefits for fabricators buying gasket seals directly from ExtrudaSeal rather than as part of a package deal. To find out more about our extensive range of coloured gaskets and seals, as well as our in-house expertise and capabilities, simply call today on +44 (0)121 356 8733 or email

Where You Might Find an ExtrudaSeal Gasket

Whilst ExtrudaSeal are well known for supplying gaskets for the window and door industry, we can design and manufacture gasket products for many different applications in a wide array of industrial sectors. From our Birmingham base, we have the technology to produce all flexible extrusions in house to provide a fast and cost effective service to customers.

Here are just a few of the places that you will find ExtrudaSeal gaskets:

Windows and doors

diy-repair-renovations04_lOne of our core businesses is supplying gaskets, glazing seals and weather seals for the windows and doors industry. Using our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, we can supply seals for a wide range of profile systems, including:

  • uPVC – We can provide glazing seals and gaskets that are compatible with many of the most popular uPVC profile systems from the past and present, including Rehau, Profile 22 and Veka.
  • Aluminium – The aluminium windows and doors industry is fast growing. Whilst it has been the material of choice for the commercial market for a long time, aluminium window and door frames are increasingly popular for domestic properties, especially with developments in bi-folding doors.At ExtrudaSeal, we can manufacture glazing seals that are designed for compatibility with a number of common profile systems, including Smarts, Senior Aluminium, MetalTech and Aluk. We pride ourselves on providing highly competitive prices.
  • Timbertec – We provide glazing seals, weather seals, parting beads, wool pile and window tapes for all types of wooden window frame styles.

As well as glazing seals, we are also the UK’s exclusive supplier of Tri-Fin triple fin wool pile, which has a number of benefits when compared with standard wool pile weather seals.

triple fin wool pile

Planes, trains and automobiles

We commonly provide gaskets for many different applications within the aerospace, mass transit and automotive sectors. We supply PVC pelmets and buffers for the coach building industry and work for Lawrence David, the UK’s leading manufacturer of trailers, curtainsiders, box vans, refrigerated and rigid bodywork, providing a range of bespoke, high-performance gaskets.


As specialists in flexible extrusions, we manufacture a range of specialist gasket seals for the construction industry. Hydrophilic water seals are designed to provide excellent weather and chemical resistance, expanding by up to ten times when in contact with water and other liquids to provide an effective seal. As a result, they are widely used for a number of applications within the construction industry.


We have created gaskets for an airport runway, using a thermoplastic polyurethane material so that the gaskets expand and contract as the concrete gets hot and cold, providing an effective seal all year round.

If you are in need of a bespoke gasket product for your business, get in contact with us today by calling 0121 356 8733 or email to speak to us. We will work with you to devise the ideal sealing solution for your application.

5 Reasons To Source Your Gaskets Directly From ExtrudaSeal

After a few months of planning, we’re delighted to announce the launch of the new ExtrudaSeal website.

As a UK market leader in quality and innovation, we can manufacture to your exact requirements, as well as working with you in product design, development, material specification and even the production of tooling. Depending on your needs, we produce both small and large batch productions. In addition to providing bespoke flexible extrusion solutions, we can also manufacture products from an extensive back catalogue of glazing seals and gaskets.

coloured gasket seals

Whilst fabricators can buy glazing seals and gaskets from their Sysco as part of a package deal, there are many benefits to buying directly from ExtrudaSeal:

  • Huge choice in colour choice – At ExtrudaSeal, we are proud to be able to provide a huge choice of coloured gaskets and extrusions for a variety of applications. From popular greys, to bright and bold colours, with a choice of more than 1,000 RAL colours, we can provide colours to suit any requirements.
  • Cut out the middle man – In most cases, a Sysco will provide gaskets as part of a package with window and door frames or other fabrications. However, fabricators can benefit from buying directly from ExtrudaSeal as we can provide extrusions that exactly meet the fabricator’s required specifications (including colour matching).
  • Save money – By cutting out the middle man and buying directly from ExtrudaSeal, fabricators can also stand to save money. In most cases, Syscos buy in all gaskets from a supplier and as a result, the prices are inevitably higher for fabricators. By choosing to buy from ExtrudaSeal, there is no mark-up price, so fabricators can stand to save thousands of pounds in some cases.
  • Diverse portfolio – ExtrudaSeal can provide glazing seals for a wide range of fabrications, including aluminium, timber, uPVC and bi-folding doors, as well as providing weather seals and specialist seals for various industrial applications. Hydrophilic seals swell when in contact with moisture, making them ideal for use in the construction industry, amongst other purposes.
  • Years of experience – ExtrudaSeal was first established in 1993 and since then, we have grown to be a UK leader in the field of plastics extrusion. As the flexible extrusions division of the Euroseal group, you can be confident that we are industry experts, having developed considerable knowledge over years in the industry.

To find out more about our extensive range of products and in-house capabilities, you can call us on +44 (0)121 356 8733 or email