Triple Fin Wool Pile

In addition to window gasket seals, ExtrudaSeal also supply triple fin wool pile weatherstrips to suit a wide range of aluminium, timber and PVCu applications. We have signed a partnership with TechSeal, who are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wool pile. This partnership means that ExtrudaSeal are now the UK’s exclusive supplier of Tri-Fin, TechSeal’s innovative new triple fin wool pile.


We are delighted to be working with TechSeal to deliver the best possible sealing solutions to UK and international manufacturers.

There are a number of benefits of triple fin wool pile compared to standard wool pile weather strips, for example:

  • Improved Air Infiltration – the three pliable barrier fins of triple fin wool pile provide a 25% improvement in preventing air infiltration when compared with standard wool pile.
  • Tighter Seal – the uniform structural integrity and consistency of triple fin weather seals provides a tighter seal and acts as an effective air and moisture barrier.
  • Centred Pile – a centred pile provides a tighter and more consistent seal.
  • Improved Noise Insulation – triple fin wool pile features a single laminated silent fin that is designed to not only reduce noise, but also improve the air and water tightness of weather seals.
  • Pile Directors – built in pile directors are designed to ensure that the pile is straight up in top high piles, helping to prevent piles from spreading out and reducing the ‘blooming’ effect that can be common with regular woolpile.
  • Easy Installation – as a result of using a solid polypropylene backing, triple fin wool pile weather seals are much easier to insert into window and door frames.

triple fin wool pile

This not only saves valuable production time, but also ensures a tighter, more efficient weatherseal. For more information on triple fin wool pile, or for assistance in finding the suitable wool pile for your application, please call ExtrudaSeal on +44 (0)121 356 8733 or email us at Our sales team will be happy to help you with your queries.